Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Double Whammy(overnight!)

Thorin has a 100 to 1 chance of surviving his molt. The reason being is because even though he has not completely hardened, he has begun to eat his exoskeleton. The other thing I wanted to tell you about is that Crabby changed shells. He went from a smooth shell to a spiky shell.If you want to learn more about hermit crabs, I recommend

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Molter... yet another crab update

Two molts so far... one unsucsessful, the other sucsessful.
The unsucsessful... Ariel, the sucsessful... Crabby.

Thorin has finally molted! Yesterday while I was misting the crabs I decided to mist Thorin first. I picked him up, look at him, and boy was I surprised! My hermit crab was pink with-I'll just say he was pink, purple, and white.
Then, as gently and as quickly as possible, I transferred Thorin to the ISO(along with his exoskeleton).

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy August!


The eighth month of the year ALREADY! 2009 has just flown by!

August 1, 2009

Championship game today! I'm sooooo excited! Hope I win....
We have batting practice @ 8:30, game @ 10:00. We face the Tampa Bay Rays...tough team. good

Focusing and concentrating worked. My second at-bat I hit a triple to right-field and drove in 3 runs. My first at-bat I struck-out. My third at-bat I got walked on 4 pitches.

We ended up losing. Oh well...can't win every game.

We have family coming from CA. Here is the list of to-do's.

Cedar Point
Harry Potter 6
Ohio Caverns
Mary Poppins, the play
There you have it. Good bye[for now]!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Facts

The vote was 1 vote for animals and 1 vote for pizza party. I will be adding 2 extra facts about animals since I have so many animal facts.

1. A sea turtle can weigh as much as a water buffalo.
2. Food passes through the giant squid's brain on the way to its stomach.
3. The "barking pigeon" has a call that sounds like a loud dog.
4. A newborn kangaroo is about as long as a paperclip.
5. One of the largest man made islands is shaped like a palm tree.
6. Red rain has fallen in parts of Europe and Asia.
7. Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth.
8. The first microwave oven was almost as tall as a refrigerator.
9. The record for the world's longest continuous series of somersaults is 12 miles 390 yards.
10. The first person arrested for speeding in the United States was driving 12 mph in 1899.

Pizza Party
Tony Gemignani holds the record for spinning the largest pizza dough. The dough was nearly 3 feet wide. Tony spent 2 minutes stretching the paper thin dough until it reached a width of 33.2 inches. The dough would have made enough pizzas to feed 20 people if it hadn't been measured on the floor.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The surfacer... another crab update

If you read the digger, you know what a hermit crab is.

Anyway, time to get down to business.

Just today, my sister Rachel's hermit crab came up from a successful molt[a molt is when a crab sheds its outer layer of skin-a.k.a. exoskeleton-so it can grow bigger]. When I found out that Crabby surfaced, I ran through the house yelling,"CRABBY CAME UP!"

Then I ran upstairs to tell Rachel the good VERY good news."Rachel," I said,"Crabby came up!"

"Are you serious?" she asked.
"Yes! Now come on!"
"Okay! Just let me get a blanket."

I gave Crabby fresh food and fresh water. Sure enough he was thirsty and hungry. Then I got to clean out the food dish after Crabby spent 30-60 seconds in the food dish.

If you want to see Crabby before and after pictures, here they are.



Poll for Friday Facts

Here are your 2 choices for the first 2 Friday Facts:

1. Animals
2. Miscellaneous State Information

Guinness World Record choices:

1. Dog almost flies
2. Pizza party
3. Bling tone

Friday, July 24, 2009

The digger...A crab update

You might be wondering what a hermit crab is. It is something that looks like that.

My sister's hermit crab, Crabby, got put in a molting cage on June 13 and has been under the sand for 6 weeks. In one of the dishes in the molting cage the water has been mysteriously disappearing. Then I noticed 2 small little holes in the bottom of the dish. So I figured the water must be draining out through those holes. So I decided to check under the water dish and see if there was any moisture. I kept on sliding my finger around and then-POOF!-some sand colapses to reveal a tunnel dug by Crabby. I just froze[I also got a weird feeling in my stomach]. I covered the hole with the water dish but the water dish made the whole big enough that it stuck out ever so slightly, but I did NOT want to risk Mom and\or Dad seeing the hole. So I decided to cover the hole with a shell. But the shell only made the hole worse. So I put the shell back where it was. I just decided to let the hole be. Sure enough, Mom and Dad both found out about the hole. That is a molting cage.

That is the hole that I discovered.

P.S. I still get a weird feeling when I walk by the ISO[molting isolation tank].